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Opt Teleservices is a division of MDF Holdings, LLC, a provider of lead generation services for third party call centers.  MDF manages an integrated telecommunication network to facilitate its operations. We have offices in Las Vegas, Jacksonville Beach, and Southern California.


Our software is designed using a decade of call center experience. We are leaders in analyzing, blocking and removing unwanted traffic, including dialer and ghost traffic. We've made the challenge of cleaning inactive and misdialed numbers a thing of the past.


We provide new revenues to offset your costly under-utilized toll-free numbers. Residual calls can interfere with your current offerings. We clean toll-free numbers and return them when they are cleared from any association to your past offers.


We've been providing services since 2011 to help our customers generate revenue from their toll-free numbers. We provide new revenues to offset your costly under-utilized toll-free numbers.


We partner with telcos and agents reselling smart efficient technologies into the insurance, newspapers, travel programs, medical alert services, call centers and branding companies supplying 800 numbers.

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