Fleet Management

OPT Teleservices provides solutions to maintain your fleet of toll-free numbers, while providing advanced analytics and new revenue models.

Fleet Management 


Better manage your number assets by improving efficiency and productivity. A simplified process means overall cost savings.


Toll-free Number management doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be automated! With pricing plans to meet every budget, we give you the tools you need to gain control of your Toll-Free Number assets.

Blocking Templates
& Call Analytics

Analytical reporting offers fast, reliable “back in service” activations.

Residual Call Revenue Opportunities

Participate in revenue sharing 

opportunities by putting your unused numbers to work. No investment required and provides an excellent source of revenue!

Opt's software is designed using a decade of call center experience. No one else can analyze, block and remove unwanted traffic, including dialer and ghost traffic.

One of our experts will provide you with a free consultation on how you can generate more revenue from your numbers. 

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