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Your spare pool of numbers is costing you money. Exchange your unused, un-assignable numbers for clean numbers. Turn your cost center into a revenue center!

OPT Exchange

Exchange for 
Clean Numbers

OPT will exchange those un-assignable numbers for new clean numbers. All numbers are guaranteed to be free of inbound calls, eliminating any cross calling between campaigns.

Get Paid for your
Unused TFNs/DIDs

Your reserve inventory has value! Participate in OPT's Call Monetization Program and get paid for those unused TFNs/DIDs!

Your spare pool is costinsg tyr money, turn into revenye center

Numbers are set up ahead of time, which means decreased set-up wait time. Choose from wide variety of 800s, 888s, and other Toll Free and Vanity numbers and begin your new campaigns immediately!

Choice of

Use your carrier of choice, or feel free to use our full service Call Center Solution to take advantage of our streamlined process and low transport costs.

No contracts or long-term commitments.


Plus possible opportunities to participate in revenue sharing on the back end, resulting in additional revenue. 

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Place your order for Toll Free Numbers.


Select your carrier of choice.


Assign your new Toll Free Numbers to inbound campaigns.


Once campaign is completed, notify us to take the Toll Free Numbers out of service.


Exchange your old Toll Free Numbers for new Toll Free Numbers.

Let OPT show you how to turn a Cost Center into a new source of revenue!

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